# About

I’ve been developing software since the early 90s, working across a variety of platforms (from classic MacOS to Windows to Linux) in a bunch of different areas (games, entertainment and online services).  While I don’t write nearly as much code now as I did back then, I still really enjoy the development process and seeing ideas go from a whiteboard to code to release.  I currently manage a team of developers at Microsoft, the caveat here is that all the stuff I write here is my own opinion and does not reflect the opinions of my employer.

In addition to software engineering, I’m a diehard Red Sox fan (I was born and raised in Massachusetts), love good food (although I admit my definition of good is more along the lines of good pizza, donuts and salami sandwiches), and spending time with my family.  Note that I didn’t list that stuff in any particular order 🙂

I’m admittedly not much of a social media guy, but I do like Linked In quite a bit so if you want to know a little more about my professional background, you can start with my profile there:


And if you want to go way back, check out the fine letter I had published in the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 newsletter back in 1990!


By the way, in case you’re wondering why I’ve used the title “What could possibly go wrong?”, it’s just a favorite saying of mine and reflects my general attitude towards software…don’t get bogged down in too much analysis, trying and learning is best way to get forward momentum and make progress.